Poll: Moment of the Year – 2019

WINNER Moment of the Year 2018:

Brother Eye shows Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown what was taken from them and then they proceed to kick the A.I.’s ass. – Detective Comics #980.

Oh sure the column Moment of the Week is sadly about as dead like that sites that bore it (will it be brought back? Who knows). But the comic book moment of the year is very much ALIVE. I’ve did it a bit differently than usual this year. I’ve collected moments from the Big Two and Indies in a battle to see who emerges on top.

This year was the end for two big comics in B.R.P.D./Hellboy and the Walking Dead ending. But it was also the year of the Immortal Hulk from Marvel. Marvel in general had a HUGE year with so many moments (will Spider-Man: Life Story web up the top spot? Powers of X?). Question is, will they earn their rightful spot or like last year will someone SPOIL their chances? Will the fans who love certain characters be heard louder?

Or will a moment from a comic book yet to be released steal the glory (the final issue of Doomsday Clock, TMNT #100, and other comics are on the horizon)? I guess we shall see.

As you’ve noticed I added an other option. I can only recall so much in my head of the great comic moments we had this year. I know I’ve probably missed some. So for those that want to rag on me. Go ahead nominate something. If I see similar votes for the same subject.

Which moment shall rule them all? Only you can decide!! Come the second day of the new year, Wednesday, January 7th. You have until then to vote to your heart’s content. Then on January 8th, the WINNER WILL BE REVEALED (unless of course, something stops me from doing so at that time period)!!  

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