Poll: Most Maddening Moment – 2019

Greetings my dear reader, I’ve bet you weren’t expecting to see this article again were you? I’m afraid, even with the Outhousers.com gone, YOU’LL NEVER BE RID OF THE MADNESS THAT WAS WROUGHT THIS YEAR!

Moments that made you want to scream at the top of your lungs while flinging your hard earned comic aside or opening your browser finding then bashing your screen. What’s that? That sort of moment. Yeeeeeeeeessss, I can already feel some moments that caused hard emotion to stir among you.

We all know who caused you MUCH hate, DC Comics. Oh, yes. Marvel did have a moment here or there. Though you notice how the Outhouse website went, that DC increased their stupidity increased once again. And there’s a lot of stupidity to go around this year.

Before I reveal the poll for this year, I know I miss things, and the year is still VERY young. We have three more weeks to go before we bid 2019 goodbye. As always there’s an option to cast a vote. Enough votes made for this option, I’ll add it to the list.

The poll will run from now until January 7th, which is when the poll will close, and the “winner” will be revealed on January 8th (unless something denies me from posting it then). SO HERE’S THE LIST OF THE MOST MADDENING MOMENTS OF 2019:

Oh and…

There be some heavy spoilers of comics this year.

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