Voice Actor for Michael Bay’s ‘TMNT’ Says Franchise Made Him, Like Many Who Saw it, Hate Life!!

You thought the nightmare was over. You thought you had successfully repressed the memories of two Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies that burned your soul as his live-action Transformers movies did. Yes, scream. Scream for Zechs!


So it appears the audience weren’t the only ones who suffered through the movies, but also the actors who played the Turtles themselves. Alan Ritchson, who played Raphael for both movies recently was on the Collider Live! podcast, and vented his experiences for the films. The actor called working on the two films, “the worst production experience I’ve ever had” and “It made me hate life so much”.

Here’s said clip where Ritchson just unloads and vents of the various bad experiences he had on set:

Ritchson goes on to say that both he and the other actors who played the four Turtles were lowly paid, abused on set (which given the photos of the outfits they wore, looked uncomfortable), told they would be treated fairly like the other actors but instead weren’t allowed to give interviews, and even be invited to either films’ premieres. There wasn’t much the four actors could do, as they were contractility obligated to perform.. Yikes.

Even more, Ritchson spoke that he and the other three actors never got paid for overtime, due to a loop-hole in the animation contracts they signed. Ritchson then went on to talk about a few times he and the other three actors (Jeremy Howard, Pete Ploszek, and Noel Fisher) who played the Turtles were treated like hell.

The experience Ritchson talks of, is about right on the way studios treat actors who play stop motion characters save for Andy Serkis (though I have to confess I think even had to do battle with these sort of issues). Another good example was this year hearing similar treatment being done originally to T.J. Storm the actor who played Godzilla, in Godzilla: King of the Monsters and the three actors who played King Ghidorah (Jason Liles, Alan Maxson, and Richard Dorton). Thankfully, I heard there was some happier endings. Not to mention, the Godzilla community knows these actors names because they respect the performance of those behind the suits.

Paramount so far hasn’t commented back on Ritchson’s claims (and probably won’t). Nor has any of the other three actors who played the Turtles yet. But this just goes to have something even more additional to hate these two films for now.

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