Noah Hawley Takes The Conn For Next ‘Star Trek’ Movie

The Star Trek movie franchise appeared to be dead in the water. Although two movies were apparently in the works after 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, those projects seemed to have stalled (though things seem to be humming along on the small screen for the franchise). Well, it could be that Mr. Scott may have restarted the rebooted Enterprise‘s engines as it’s being reported that the non-Tarantino film has a new director.

It looks like Noah Hawley is taking the helm of the next Star Trek movie. Hawley is mostly known for his television work, being involved with the Fargo TV show and Legion. Hawley was prepared to direct a Doctor Doom movie, that project appears to have been scrapped after Disney bought Fox. Hawley’s feature film directoral debut was earlier this year with Lucy in the Sky.

Noah Hawley

Previous to Hawley being on the fourth rebooted Trek, the franchise’s first woman director, S.J. Clarkson, was going to captain the film. We guess that fell through. No release date was announced for the Star Trek 4 reboot.

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