DCeased Sequel to Focus on Management– Er– Villain Perspective in Spinoff!

Striking while the fire is hot, DC Comics announced today (originally on ComicBook.com though a few days prior of teasing from DCeased writer Tom Taylor on Twitter), that a spin-off series to the smash-hit event will be coming in February. Entitled DCeased: the Unkillables will be a three-issue mini that’ll feature edgier heroes (Jason Todd, Cassandra Cain, Rose Wilson) and villains (Deathstroke, Deadshot, Cheetah, Lady Shiva, Bane, Captain Cold, and Solomon Grundy) of the DCU contending with the outbreak of the Anti-Life equation turning the Earth into a wasteland. Karl Mostert and Trevor Scott will provide art for the series.

The comic will be a bit longer than 48-page first issue resulting in $4.99 price tag ($5.99 for the insane amount of variants that the comic will comic with). After that, the remaining two issues will $4.99 save the variant covers which there will be again a bunch.

Here’s the main covers to #1 and 2 (along with the variants):


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