Top Ten Thor Stories Of All Time

Thor is known for being a hammer-wielding, lighting-throwing, troll-fighting Norse god. The namesake of Thursday, the day and the band, is the son of Odin and nephew of Loki. With Thor now more popular than ever, excluding the time before the Christians starting converting the Germanic peoples by force, let’s count down the Top Ten Thor Stories Of All Time.

10. Loki cut off a lock of Sif’s hair, to which Thor took offence to his wife’s golden hair being damaged. Loki convinced Thor to let him go to Svartalfheim to convince the dwarves to create a new head of hair for Sif. After getting the new head of hair, Loki tricked the dwarves into making other gifts for the gods, including Thor’s hammer Mjollnir.

9. While traveling through Jotunheim, the land of the giants, Thor met the giant Skrymir. Thor begrudgingly accompanied the giant, but while Skrymir was sleeping, Thor hit him with his hammer. Skrymir asked if a leaf fell on his face. Thor swung again and Skrymir asked if an acorn fell on him. He then tried a third time and Skrymir asked if a bird dropped some dirt on him. Skrymir left Thor the next day, face intact.

8. Thor and Loki arrived at the castle Utgard and Thor challenged anyone there to a drinking contest. He lost the drinking contest, to which he later found out that he was actually trying to drink the ocean dry, in a cruel trick.

7. Thor was sent by Aegir and Ran to get a cauldron from Hymir, the only one big enough to brew enough mead for all of Aegir and Ran’s party guests. Hymir had Thor help him go fishing, to which Thor responded by catching the Midgard serpent Jormungand. Before Thor could reel it in, Hymir cut the line. Thor angrily left with the cauldron.

6. Thor lost his hammer and Loki discovered the giant Thrym had buried it eight miles underground. Thor dressed as Freya, who Thrym wanted to marry, and went to the giant’s home in order to wed him. During the ceremony, Thrym gave Thor-dressed-as-Freya his hammer and Thor revealed himself, killing everyone there.

5. The giant Hrungir once raced Odin and while trialing behind Odin, he accidentally rode into Asgard. In good spirits, the gods invited him to dinner. Hrungir got drunk and promised to kill every god but Freya and Sif. He challenged Thor to a duel and Thor shattered Hrungir’s head with Mjollnir.

4. Loki once claimed to have slept with Thor’s wife Sif. Returning from battle, Thor tells Loki to be silent or he’ll rip his head off with Mjollnir. Loki refuses. Thor tells Loki to be silent or he’ll throw him into the sky. Loki refuses. Thor tells Loki to be silent or he’ll break every bone in his body. Loki refuses. Thor tells Loki to be silent or he’ll send Loki to Hel. Loki relents saying he only fears Thor’s threats.

3. At the beginning of Walt Simonson’s run on the Thor comics, the title wasn’t selling very well so he was given creative freedom. Simonson introduced Beta Ray Bill who took on the role of Thor, saw an epic fight between Odin and Surtur, and saw Thor and Balder teaming up to rescue living Earth people from Hel. He also turned Thor into a frog.

2. Loki told Thor that the giant Geirrod wanted Thor to meet his two beautiful daughters and convinced him to leave Mjollnir behind. Before arriving at Geirrod’s, Thor and Loki met a nice giant Grior who warned Thor of danger and gave him a magic staff. While tired and under attack from Geirrod’s daughters, Thor used the staff to cause the roof to collapse killing the daughters. Geirrod threw a ball of hot iron at Thor, who caught it and threw it back through Geirrod’s head.

1. During the battle at the end of the world, Ragnarok, Thor will finally slay the Midgard serpent Jormungand using Mjollnir. But the serpent will have covered Thor with enough venom that the god will only take nine paces before dying.

What’s your favorite Thor story?

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