‘Moon Knight’ & ‘She-Hulk’ Streaming Series Get Head Writers

Back in August, at Disney‘s D23 Expo, a few new Marvel projects were announced for the Disney+ streaming service. Two of those shows look to be progressing as reports of the shows getting head writers have popped up.

The first is Marvel’s Moon Knight show. Jeremy Slater will be developing and leading the writing team on this show. Slater is no stranger to Marvel, having done a script treatment for 2015’s Fantastic Four. Hmmm… Well, he also worked on 2017’s Netflix adaptation of the manga Death Note. Uhhh, well, to be fair many of his ideas for those two projects were not used. Slater also recently worked on the Netflix adaptation of Dark Horse‘s The Umbrella Academy comic.

The She-Hulk show will get head writer Jessica Gao. Gao’s previous projects seem to have a comedic bent, which may hint that the show might be more like her light-hearted stories, rather than the more savage adventures of late. Probably her most famous work for genre fans would be as an executive story editor on the Rick an Morty cartoon. It looks like Gao knows something about being green, as she wrote the episode “Pickle Rick” giving Rick and Morty its first Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program.

Neither assignment has been officially confirmed by Marvel. They both also have not been given a start date.

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