October 2019 Comic Sales See Giant Leap Over Last Month

Comichron has released its compiled sales information for comic sales in September 2019 and sales are up, compared to the previous month. Retailers ordered just over $56 million in comic books and graphic novels, giving the industry the fourth best month in the last decade.

Month over month sales saw great gains in both dollars and units with dollar amounts up almost 20% and unit sales up over 16%. Year over year saw positive gains as well.

Compared to last month, Marvel saw their market-share stay about the same, while DC took back the few percentage points that Image had gained last month. IDW and Dark Horse continue their fight for fourth place, with IDW the victor in October.

For top selling books by units, only one title cost $3.99. Marvel took eight spots, with Image and DC taking one each.

Surprisingly, a single comic with a price tag of $3.99 made the top ten list by dollar amount. Then again unsurprisingly so did a title with a price tag of $7.99. Marvel took six spots, with DC taking three and Image taking one.

Multiple companies got in on the fun for top graphic novels by unit. Image had four spots, DC and Marvel had two, while Dark Horse and Viz.

For top graphic novels by dollar amount, five titles were $60 or more, with the lowest title at $25. Marvel took five spots and DC took two, while Image, IDW, and Dynamite all took one.

Marvel led the pack for comics and graphic novels shipped, with the industry overall shipping an additional 140 titles across the board compared to last month.

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