Rejoice! There Will Be Another ‘My Little Pony’ Movie

Things were looking a bit bleak for our ace cartoon reporter Zechs. His favorite cartoon series of all time ended, and although there is the possibility of My Little Pony showing up in the Funko movie, it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Well, he can now turn his frown upside down, as a release date for a new My Little Pony movie has been revealed.

According to The Wrap, a new My Little Pony movie will come out of the gate on September 24, 2021. The film will be produced by Hasbro‘s Allspark Pictures. No details are available about the movie, and whether it will be the “Friendship is Magic” ponies of the most recent film, or something else, but we’re sure Zechs will be happy anyway.

2021 looks to be a busy one for Paramount, as they will also be releasing films based on the Micronauts toyline, and Dungeons & Dragons games (plus new Paranormal Activity and Mission: Impossible films).

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