‘Ant-Man’ (& Stinger) Infest Shelves In 2020

Scott Lang is set to infest comic book shelves with a new series again in 2020. Although there was news about the next Ant-Man movie recently, like the previous Ant-Man & The Wasp mini-series, it doesn’t have anything to do with the cinematic effort. However, like the Ant-Man & The Wasp series, he will have company in his new series, hopefully this time it will be a bit smoother as it is his daughter Cassie, aka. Stinger.

The upcoming series, like the previous series by Nick Spencer, has Lang being somewhat of a loser (does no one remember his time on FF?):

The series will open with Scott Lang down on his luck and desperate for adventure until he’s looped in for a job only he can accomplish. What begins as a seemingly unheroic task for local beekeepers rapidly escalates into a conspiracy that could threaten the Earth! Throughout this journey, Ant-Man will not only have to prove himself as a hero, but as a parent to his daughter Cassie Lang as well. A Super Hero herself, Cassie will be joining her dad as Stinger as the father/daughter duo embark on this bug-filled quest together, along with many of your other favorite Marvel Super Heroes!

Ant-Man #1 cover by Eduard Petrovich

Ant-Man #1 (with Stinger) will arrive in February 2020 by writer Zeb Wells and artist Dylan Burnett.

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