Warren Ellis And Castlevania Team Tackling The Ramayana For Netflix In Heaven’s Forest

Netflix has ordered an eight-episode series from Castlevania creator Warren Ellis, executive producers Adi Shankar and Kevin Kolde, and Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind Castlevania.

Inspired by the Hindu epic Ramayana, Heaven’s Forest is a sci-fi story set in an Indo-futuristic world. The Ramayana follows Prince Rama’s quest to rescue his wife Sita from Ravana, along with the help of an army of monkeys. It is usually attributed to the writer Valmiki between 500 and 1000 BCE.

“My whole life I’ve dreamed of seeing Hindu mythology represented in international media,” said Shankar. “My culture’s stories are spectacle-filled fantasy epics in lavish aesthetic and we’re going to bring it to the global stage.”

No release date has been given.

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