‘Strange Adventures’ & ‘Green Lantern’ (Inspired) Series Coming To HBO Max (Updated With ‘DC Super Hero High’)

WarnerMedia revealed more information about its upcoming streaming service, HBO Max. The service is expected to start sometime in May 2020, with a price of $14.99 a month, but if you are an AT&T subscriber, you get it for free.

Batwoman was previously announced to be streaming on the service as well as some DC superhero movies, but today two new titles DC titles were announced to be running on HBO Max:

  • Strange Adventures will be a one-hour DC anthology series featuring various DC characters. The show will “… explore the intersecting lives of normal people and superhumans.”
  • A show described as being “inspired” by Green Lantern. No other details were provided for this show.

The two shows will be brought to you by Greg Berlanti, who worked on the Green Lantern movie and also on Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning TV shows; as well as the Titans, Doom Patrol, Batwoman, and Stargirl streaming shows.

Other shows revealed to be coming to HBO Max include: Rick and Morty (which will also continue to be streamed on Hulu), South Park, new Looney Tunes shows, and a new show by Robert Zemeckis called Tooned Out; plus a new science fiction show by Ridley Scott titled Raised By Wolves.

So, will current DC Universe subscribers also add on HBO Max to get more DC content? We’ll have to see…

UPDATED: HBO Max will also be home to a show executive produced by Elizabeth Banks titled DC Super Hero High. The show will revolve around teens attending a boarding school for “gifted kids”.

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