‘Spider-Man Noir’ Announcement Spoils Upcoming Issue of ‘Spider-Verse’

*** WARNING: Spoilers for the February 2020 issue of Spider-Verse ***

Spider-Man Noir aka. The Spider-Man first appeared in 2008’s Spider-Man Noir mini-series and was the first character introduced in the “Noir” universe, which was Earth-90214, a pulply 1933 world. The character went on to appear as part of the first Spider-Verse event in 2014. Unfortunately, the character was pulped in 2018’s Spider-Geddon event.

Today Marvel is spoiling February 2020’s issue of the third volume of Spider-Verse, Spider-Verse #5. Marvel editor Devin Lewis did the spoiling:

“The last time we saw him, Spider-Man Noir was murdered at the hands of the Inheritors during SPIDER-GEDDON. But you can’t keep a good spider down, and Spidey Noir is one of the best. After being resurrected through magical means in the forthcoming SPIDER-VERSE #5, Peter Parker of Earth-90214 is going to learn that his world is a whole lot bigger than two-bit gangsters tearing up his friendly neighborhood.”

Yep, so we know that Spider-Man Noir is coming back, and we sorta know how. Well, not only is Noir coming back, he’s also getting his own mini-series (again) for a 5-issue run. The new series will be written by Margaret Stohl with art by Juan Ferreyra and arrives in paper form starting March 2020.

Stohl describes her take on the character and teases what she has planned for the mini:

“Spider-Man Noir has become this kind of rogues’ gallery of all my favorite things: a deadpan Spidey Noir sensibility, a classic globe-trotting adventure, a femme fatale, a doomed excavation, loot, punching Nazis, Aunt May, camels, heroes of legend, and oh yeah, an actual rogue’s gallery of classic Spider-Man Noir Super Villains — all done up 1933 style! I mean really, how could I pass this one up?

I’m so excited to bust Spider-Man Noir out of New York City and let him loose on the other side of the pond. Without saying too much — London, I hope you’re ready for this, because the friendly Noir neighborhood just got about five countries bigger.”

Spider-Man Noir (2020) concept art
Spider-Man Noir (2020) concept art


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