Mike Mignola And Starburns Industries Creating Live-Action Anthology Series

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and Starburns Industries, the company behind Rick & Morty, have teamed up for create The Forever House, a series described as “high-concept anthology series inspired by international folklore.”

“Existing somewhere between reality and nightmares, The Forever House will encapsulate the feeling of an ancient tale told by the fire as we explore the disturbing and the macabre from the mind and sketchbook of Mike Mignola.”

The live-action show will echo The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, but will center on The Forever House, a mysterious piece of unreal estate and a one-of-a-kind repository for otherworldly objects and international artifacts with dark histories. Industrial Light & Magic is creating a unique aesthetic for the show, incorporating stop-motion animation and stylized animation choices, “re-capture the aura of classic Hollywood-style filmmaking through an updated modern lens.”

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