‘Agents Of Atlas’ Old & New Celebrate A Belated 30th Anniversary For ‘Atlantis Attacks’

In 1989, the Atlantis Attacks storyline ran through over a dozen issues of ongoing Marvel series. That story had the Deviant Ghaur, Lemurian Llyra, and the Atlantean Attuma joining forces to find the Serpent Crown and to raise the serpent god Set to destroy their enemies. Well, 30 years later plus, there will be another Atlantis Attacks event, this time in the form of a limited series.

Rather than spanning a dozen Marvel titles this time around, the heroes will be from the Agents of Atlas teams. The Agents of Atlas old and new, will be protecting the city of Pan against the Atlanteans and Namor will be an enemy this time, rather than an ally. Here’s how Marvel describes the series:

In ATLANTIS ATTACKS, Amadeus Cho, Silk, Wave, Shang-Chi, and all the heroes of Atlas head for a showdown destined to shake allegiances and break hearts! When a terrible secret incurs the wrath of Prince Namor, questions arise over who is a friend… and who is an enemy? Jimmy Woo also makes his shocking return — as well as the original Agents of Atlas!

Atlantis Attacks #1 (2020) cover art by Rock-He Kim

Atlantis Attacks will be a 5-issue limited series starting in January 2020. Greg Pak will write the limited series and Ario Anindito will provide the art.

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