Jim Carrey’s Back Might Improve Due to Leaked ‘Sonic: the Hedgehog’ Picture!

Since the trailer reveal of Sonic the Hedgehog movie and subsequent backlash of the CGI portrayal of the titular hedgehog the movie was pushed from it’s intended November release of this year to next.

Since then we’ve had zero information or any sort of progress. That is apparently until now as a picture is currently floating around the internet that supposedly shows off Sonic’s design. While this is a supposed “leaked” picture, it does bare some similarities to some of the photoshopped images that corrected the flaws of the original live-action Sonic design. I guess we just won’t know if this is real or not until the studio releases something. So take this image with a grain of salt (just like the originator of this is, Tails Channel, who posted this on their Twitter):

It actually does look way better than the previous one. If it’s real, it just might mean Jim Carrey as Doctor Robotnik won’t have to carry the entire movie on his performance alone.

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