DC Comics “5G” to Provide Same Service as Before!

At this point, comic book fans are just used to the face-palming, that nothing more DC Comics can do can phase them. That’s probably what they keep telling themselves. After all, if one can live thru the utter disappointment of the New 52 became, and seeing all that good-will Rebirth had, be flushed away for that old grim and gritty. You’d think no fan has any feeling left from their hand when it surrounds their face so many times.

Well, I guess DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio is determined to try once again for fans to face palm, and continue to ask the eternal question: how this man continues to have a job at this company? After all the failures and controversies (not counting those above since he arrived at DC back in 2002. That the ax never fell on him?

Fans will again be asking themselves this question, along with how they’re still able to feel their hands against their face due to big rambling since NYCC, You see Dan inadvertently revealing their next big change when he revealed the newer 52nd DC timeline (which he was the cause for it and sorry we didn’t make an article. We care for our reader’s eyesight and want clear photos, not horrible grainy ones that you’d find when hunting for Big Foot) 5G. What the heck is 5G? Besides, your mind instantly thinking this is a wireless plan for mobile devices with ironically horrible coverage?

Well, it’s exactly that!

Since the accidental outage, Bleeding Cool like any good customer figured out the horrible payment plan that DC has laid out. That Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and other heroes in the DCU will be replaced by a new hero (the current two forerunners to this are the former Batwing Luke Fox as Batman and an even more aged up Jonathan Kent– because the later so went over well with fans THE FIRST TIME!)

If you read the comics this week you could find a little breadcrumb with Superman #16 with Robin (Damian Wayne) asking the now further aged Superboy (Jonathan Kent) if he was taking the mantle of Superman, which Jonathan mused at not being still old enough for.

Luke Fox on the other hand, I believe his last appearance was waaaaaaaay back in Detective Comics #981 (okay really it was July of last year, but it feels like it was an eternity). So him taking over the mantle so far seems striking, when you know you have Signals, Orphans, and again Damian Wayne of course eyeing that Batman mantle prize (but I guess Damian as Batman can only happen in “bad end” DC stories like DCeased or Batman “666” universe).

Now another site, the Beat has confirmed more that this is actually going to happen. They unfortunately go thru that Dan DiDio’s tried in true method of a CRISIS (you know after the last ten we’ve had) will mean yet another re-branding of DC titles. This isn’t at all surprising for DC readers given if you’ve been following the current Justice League comic by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV seem like a CRISIS endgame is probably in the cards to syncs with it all.

Cue the already images of horribly written issues of comics in the Dan DiDio period that have scarred you for life. I’ll wait.


You’re still feeling the burn of Heroes in CRISIS aren’t you? It’s okay. I feel your pain dear reader, I truly do. The bars of bad coverage from that story will haunt souls for some time. I mean Snyder and Tynion have done good things. How bad it could it get?

Cue some of you posting, “IT’LL GET BAD!”

Anyway, back to the Beat’s confirmation. the 5G is really all about the “Fifth Generation” of heroes (the timeline going thru four generations of heroes with this being the newest). This will mold the “newest” of the New 52 (ugh!) with the continuity/legacy love letter that was Rebirth (yah!).

So what you think of it dear reader? You think the execution will work this time right? Or do you hate it and think it’ll go down with other dubious DC fare? I’d write more, but I’ve about used up all my data, and I really don’t want to buy more of the payment plan given.


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