Bela Lugosi Rises from the Grave to Play Dracula Again in New Legendary Comic Graphic Novel!

Bela Lugosi is returning to play Dracula again, even though the actor has been dead since 1956. But you know those Dracula films go, sure he may be dead, but that’s not ever gonna stop him from coming back. So in agreement with the Lugosi Estate, Legendary Comics will be making a graphic novel that’ll be based on Bram Stroker’s Dracula which will be drawn with Lugosi as the titular character. It’ll feature art by El Garing and art direction from Kerry Gammill (also publisher for Bela Lugosi’s Tales from the Grave). Here’s the cover revealed so far:

The graphic novel will be out in late 2020. More information will be released at the “Legendary Comics 2019 and Beyond” panel at Los Angeles Comic Con this weekend. The panel will be at 11 am in Room 404AB.

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