Rob Liefeld Calls Out Disney For Shady Practices

Rob “The Rob” Liefeld took to Twitter last night to vaguebook about “shady practices” over at Marvel Comics.

The above tweet was accidentally deleted by Rob, but thankfully captured by news sites.

Fans were trying to guess what the problem was about, and it seems to be Deadpool-adjacent.

Liefeld goes further to explain that the movie studios aren’t where he’s pointing blame, but at New York, where the Marvel comic offices are headquartered.

Liefeld gained popularity in the early ’90s due to his work on The New Mutants and X-Force. He left the company to co-found Image Comics in 1992 and he left Image in 1996 either resigning or being fired, depending who you ask. In the early 2000s he returned to Marvel working sporadically up until today.

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