NYCC: Little-Used Character ‘Wolverine’ Gets His Own Title Again In 2020

Surprise, surprise, the break out star of 1974, Wolverine, will be back with his own title in February 2020. Though he never really left comics entirely, the character hasn’t had his own solo title since his “death” in 2014 (yes, he had mini-series and specials in the meantime). Wolverine got better again last Summer, and his new solo was announced today at New York Comic Con.

The new Wolverine #1 will be written by Benjamin Percy, who scripted the Wolverine: The Long Night podcast series and its sequel, and also wrote the comic adaptation of The Long Night. The artists on the new Wolverine title will be Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdonavic. Wolverine #1 will be part of the second wave of “Dawn of X” titles in February 2020.

Wolverine #1 (2020) cover by Adam Kubert

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