‘Star’ To Star In Her Own Marvel Limited Series

It’s not quite the return of Marvel‘s Star line of comics, but a limited series featuring a new-ish character, Star. Star, aka. Ripley Ryan, was introduced in the newest volume of the Captain Marvel comic in early 2019. She was a reporter who ended up as the only survivor of an experiment by Kree scientist Minn-Erva to genetically engineer a Kree/Human hybrid and became the super hero(?) Star. In a bid for power, Star tried to kill Captain Marvel, but was unsuccessful, leaving her defeated and powerless, and imprisoned on the Raft. That wasn’t the end of Star though, as something strange happened and she is now more powerful than before.

Apparently, something in this month’s Captain Marvel #11 will change the status quo of this character, and setting up things for her limited series in January 2020. Editor Sarah Brunstad adds:

“The reveal at the end of CAPTAIN MARVEL #11 is going to change the way Star interacts not just with Captain Marvel, but with the whole Marvel Universe. It’s a major change — and what she does with her newfound powers is going to have longstanding repercussions.”

Current Captain Marvel writer Kelly Thompson, will also chart Star’s limited series.

Star #1 cover by Carmen Carnero
Star #1 cover by Jeehyung Lee

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