DC Collectibles Goes Cheap with ‘DCeased’ Figures!

NYCC starts today and already DC Collectibles has been showing off some “new product” in their DCeased line. I say “new” but the reality is it’s just them using other molds they have and splashing red paint on it, and have a new head mold. The line will carry Batman (a reuse of the new Rebirth mold figure), Superman, Joker, and Harley (who hasn’t even sported her classic look in the mini).

Here are the figures:

Oh wait, that’s the actual Batman Rebirth figure they’ve announced. Here’s the DCeased version:

I mean couldn’t we have gotten Mr. Freeze suit equipped zombie Batman? I’m just saying something that was actually from the comic, and not cheap?

Here are the Harley and Superman figures (via Toy Ark on their Twitter):

The figures will be released September 2020.

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