Are You Insane Enough To Buy Into Marvel’s ‘Ravencroft’ Titles?

If you haven’t had enough of the Absolute Carnage event (hey they even added another issue to the main series), has Marvel got something for you! Yes, spinning out of the end of Absolute Carnage is a bunch of one-shots featuring that famous institute for the criminally insane: Arkham Ravencroft.

Starting January 2020, writer Frank Tieri will tell the tale of the reconstructed Ravencroft in three one-shots (each with a different artist) which will lead to a five-issue Ravencroft mini-series.

Here’s how the issues are described by Marvel:

Ruins of Ravencroft: Carnage #1:

… the Marvel Universe still needs a place to treat and rehabilitate the criminally insane, and efforts to reconstruct the Institute are well underway. But Ravencroft is no ordinary facility, and untold secrets may yet be waiting to be unearthed in the destruction Carnage left after his attack…

Ruins of Ravencroft: Carnage #1 cover by Gerardo Sandoval

Ruins of Ravencroft: Sabretooth #1:

… the untold past of the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane is revealed. The facility’s past has started to unravel, and in doing so reveals hidden chapters in the lives of some of the Marvel Universe’s most recognizable heroes and villains.

Ruins of Ravencroft: Sabretooth #1 cover by Gerado Sandoval

Ruins of Ravencroft: Dracula #1:

Captain America, learns that this hospital—seemingly devoted to the rehabilitation of society’s most violent offenders—has even more secrets than it once seemed.

Ruins of Ravencroft: Dracula #1 by Gerardo Sandoval

As noted previously, the one-shots lead to a five-issue Ravencroft mini series:

Ravencroft #1 cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto

The Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane was introduced in 1993’s Spider-Man Unlimited #1, of course a Carnage-related issue. The facility was burned down in 2019’s Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool #1 written by Tieri. Looks like it won’t be gone for long. Tieri elaborates on the titles coming next year:

“What we’ll learn in this event is that the original Ravencroft predates the one we know, that the very land itself that the site was built upon is soaked in blood. That there are connections to people, organizations, and events throughout Marvel history that were previously undisclosed. That in many cases, it can be said that Ravencroft is a site where evil was birthed in the Marvel U.

“Our insidious journey begins with three one-shots…starting in the 1600s with RUINS OF RAVENCROFT: CARNAGE, taking us to the 1900s in RUINS OF RAVENCROFT: SABRETOOTH, and finally RUINS OF RAVENCROFT: DRACULA, occurring during World War II.

“It all leads up to the five-issue RAVENCROFT limited series, which will see a new Ravencroft rise from the ashes…along with all the good—and yes, the bad—that’ll come with it.”

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