‘Madame Web’ Movie Envisioned By Sony

Before the word of a new deal between Marvel and Sony broke (keeps your eyes peeled for this later today on Comics Pit), a report of yet another Spider-Man spin-off movie was in the works by Sony. Yes, in addition to the pile of movies planned by Sony, including the sequel to Venom and one featuring the obscure character or Morbius, add the more obscure Spider-Man character of Madame Web.

Yes, it’s being reported that a Madame Web movie is in development, by the writers of the Morbius movie. The original Madame Web was Cassandra Webb, who first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #210. She was a blind parapalegic woman who was connected to a life-support chair created by her husband. Madame Web had the powers of clairvoyance and telepathy and could appear to others in astral form. After the “Gathering of the Five” storyline, she apparently was cured of the disease causing her physical disability and was “immortal”.

Well, immortal for a short time, as she was killed in Amazing Spider-Man #637. Before her death, she transferred her power to Julia Carpenter the Spider-Woman that originated in the original Secret Wars series, who then took over the role of Madame Web. “Coincidentally” Marvel posted an article about Madame Web on their website the same day the movie news broke.

No launch date for the Madame Web movie was announced.

Amazing Spider-Man #210 cover by John Romita Jr. and Al Milgrom

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