The New York Times To Include Bestseller Graphic Novel Lists Again

Three years after removing them from publication, The New York Times has made a decision to reinstate graphic novels on their bestseller lists. The old lists had graphic novels broken up into paperback, hardcover, and manga, but the new list will combine all three into one master list.

Pamela Paul, editor of The New York Times Book Review said:

“We are thrilled to bring back to our readers graphic books and mass market best sellers as two monthly best-seller lists Our new monthly graphic books list combines the format as it exists across all platforms — hardcover, paperback and digital — in order to represent the range of ways in which publishers create and people of all ages read these books. And readers are passionate about the many genres — from horror to romance — represented on the mass market fiction list.”

The monthly lists will begin publishing online October 2 and in print October 20.

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