Kickstarter: Night Hunters By Alexis Ziritt And Dave Baker

Alexis Ziritt (Space Riders, Tarantula) and Dave Baker (Fuck Off Squad, Action Hospital) have launched a Kickstarter for Night Hunters, a cyber punk comic book about life on the streets of Venezuela’s dystopian police state 100 years in the future. The comic will be released in four single issues or in a collected edition published by Floating World Comics.

The synopsis is a follows:

In Gran Caracas the only way to get ahead in life is to become a police officer. You want to live in one of the state-controlled high-rises? Become a cop. Want to own property? Become a cop. Want to run for public office? Become a cop.

In the year 2131, Venezuela is a post-apocalyptic military state, governed by a ruling class of brutal elite and their enforcers: the police force. We follow childhood best friends, and ostensibly adoptive brothers, Julian and Ezekiel as they attempt to navigate the seedy underbelly of this cyberpunk dystopia.

The boys have been raised as street urchins by Julian’s father, Juan, who refuses to enlist and become an officer. They scavenge trash and steal, endlessly attempting to squeeze something from nothing. Gran Caracas is plagued by corruption and greed. This hits our characters the hardest when, during a routine police drug raid, a riot breaks out destroying their make-shift home.

Their lives will never be the same. Julian is almost killed in the riot. Juan takes his son’s body to a trans-humanist doctor and pleads with him to give his boy a cyborg body. The doctor agrees, however there’s a catch. The planned obsolesce of many of his vital organs means he’s perpetually trapped in an upgrade-or-die indentured servitude existence.

In order to make enough money to support himself and his now-largely-cyborg father, Julian enlists in the police force where he’s convinced he’ll be able to make enough money to leave Gran Caracas.

Obviously that never happened. Julian worked his way up through the force and was eventually recruited into Gran Caraca’s newest cyborg paramilitary division Project: Night Hunters. They’ve been tasked with cleaning up the gangs who are trafficking Yopo through Venezuela. After a shootout, Julian discovers that the leader of the gang is none other than… Ezekiel.

From this point on, Julian and Ezekiel live parallel lives. Julian enlists in the police force, both to make enough money to finance both his and his father’s cyborg implants, and to, in his mind, stop this cycle from happening again to someone else. Ezekiel, however, ends up falling in with the fiercely anti-cyborg gangs who run Gran Caracas’ underbelly by trafficking in Yopo. He works his way up through the hierarchy until he becomes one of the main bosses

Rewards for backing include patches, pins, action figures, and copies of previous works by Ziritt and Baker.

With 30 days left to go, the Kickstarter is looking to raise $20,000, with $3,000 going to Kickstarter fees and $17,000 going to Ziritt for the 94 pages.

To check out the Kickstarter, click here.

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