Rebirth Redux: James Tynion IV Taking Over Batman!

Today on Batman Day, DC Comics announced that James Tynion IV will be taking the reigns over from Tom King as the writer of Batman ongoing effectively by #86. Tynion had previously worked his way up the Batbooks starting with Red Hood & the Outlaws and Talon ongoings being one of the head creative minds behind Batman Eternal and Batman & Robin Eternal mini’s, before moving on up with his Detective Comics run.

The new Batman writer had a bit of fun on Twitter with the reveal as well:

Tynion will be joined by Tony Daniels (artist), Danny Miki (inker), and Tomeu Morey (colorist). All of whom have worked or currently on the current Batman creative team with King. So not so much is changing there with #86.

The only two bits of news coming from Batman Day panel at the Barnes & Noble that DC has Tynion, tyrant king Dan Didio lording over while current Tec writer Pete Tomasi, and the former teacher/Batman guru Scott Snyder are signing books along with Tynion there.

This all comes from another website, PIP PIP, where they are reporting that Ric Grayson era will FINALLY over by 2020 (this past year Dick was shot in the head, and decided to call himself Ric. The world has been in sadness since) and the Dick Grayson will be returning in a supporting role in the comic.

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