Marilyn Manor Cancelled At IDW, Black Crown Looks To Be Ending

IDW Publishing’s December 2019 solicitations saw another month without any Black Crown titles, the imprint run by former Vertigo Editor Shelly Bond. Diamond Comic Distributors reported that Marilyn Manor, by Magdalene Visaggio and Marley Zarcone, had issues 2 through 4 cancelled, along with the trade paperback.

In a statement to Uncle Rich’s Rumour Rag regarding Marilyn Manor, IDW said:

We deeply appreciate all the hard work that Magdalene, Marley, Irma, Tamra, and Shelly dedicated to Marilyn Manor, and the enthusiasm and support from the fans. Unfortunately, with heavy hearts, we are cancelling this project. We hope to have the opportunity to work with these talented creators on future projects.

And regarding Black Crown, IDW said:

Working with Shelly Bond on the Black Crown line has been a fantastic experience for everyone involved. Her trademark enthusiasm and fierce dedication is evident in every captivating page of the Black Crown library, which will remain available to intrepid readers for years to come. While the current roster of Black Crown titles have come to a close, we wish Shelly great success on her exciting new ventures like the Hey, Amateur! comics anthology — which IDW will proudly serve as the publisher of its softcover edition.

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