First Look at ‘Superman: Red Son” Animated Movie!

While the final DC Animated movie, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is only a few weeks away from premiering, it seems the hype for the next DC animated movie has begun. Coming early 2020 will be an adaptation of the Elseworld story, Superman: Red Son, which will feature the last son of Krypton crash landing in the Soviet Union, than Smallville, Kansas.

Here’s the first picture from the movie:

Not only that, but today it was revealed who would be voicing this variation of Superman, Jason Issacs. The actor is no stranger to the DCU having voiced Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010) and Sinestro in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011). Of course, Issacs is also no stranger to playing Soviet roles as he played Field Marshall Zhukov in The Death of Stalin (2017).

And now I sort of want to see someone to eventually dub his lines of Zhukov as with whatever footage. Can someone do this please?

The rest of the voice cast was revealed as well with Diedrich Bader voicing Batman Lex Luthor. Wait wut? Yes, the actor who voiced Batman in Batman: The Brave & the Bold and the upcoming Harley Quinn animated series is voicing Superman’s arch-nemesis. Amy Acker (Angel, Alias, the Gifted) will be voicing Lois Lane. Vanessa Marshall (Star Wars: Rebels, Spectacular Spider-Man) will be reprising her role of Wonder Woman (she previously voiced the character in Justice League: Crisis of Two Earths and Justice League: the Flashpoint Paradox). Phil LaMarr will also be reprising his role of Green Lantern John Stewart in the movie as well.

Phil Morris will be playing James Olsen, Roger Craig Smith as Batman, Sash Roizand as Green Lantern Hal Jordan, William Sayers as Joseph Stalin, Ave Zoli as Svetlana, and Paul Williams as Brainiac.

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