Terrific Production LLC Cancels Contest That Would Give Them Ownership Of Your Character

Terrific Production LLC is known for being the company owned by Andrew Rev that currently owns the rights to Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood. It’s even better known for having the most bonkers Twitter account.

Most recently (earlier today), Terrific Production LLC tweeted a fan art contest, where fans would have the chance to design a comic character to fight Youngblood. All they ask is that you be a follower of the account and give up all rights to the character.

Terrific also wanted to be sure that you didn’t send them any characters you weren’t comfortable giving them the rights to.

Their contest was inspired by the contest that Erik Larsen had in Savage Dragon.

To which, Larsen pointed out that he never took the copyright from the characters from his contest.

Following feedback, Terrific decided to cancel the free IP contest.

Not to let all this bad publicity go to waste, Terrific announced that they were successfully able to photoshop the Image Comics logo off the covers of Youngblood.

To prove they’re not liars, just cheap IP thieves, they released this cover image.

Unrelated, Comicspit is also announcing a contest where you give us your IP in exchange for exposure.

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