Robert Kirkman’s Super Dinosaur Coming To Amazon In October

In 2017, Robert Kirkman broke away from AMC and moved his overall deal to Amazon, likely led by his lawsuit against the former. His latest project for Amazon is the adaptation of Super Dinosaur, the comic he did with artist Jason Howard that launched in 2011.

Super Dinosaur focuses on Derek Dynamo, a ten-year-old genius who is best friends with a giant tyrannosaurus rex named Super Dinosaur. Together, they protect their planet from all manners of evil.

“Jason Howard and I created Super Dinosaur as something all kids would enjoy as much as our own kids do,” says Robert Kirkman. “In doing so we were able to craft a world as immersive and engaging as the world of The Walking Dead… but for kids! Our partners at Spin Master have helped Skybound prepare this world for a mass audience and I’m so happy this series has landed at Amazon, where I know it will thrive.”

Super Dinosaur is a collaboration between Kirkman’s Skybound and Spin Master. The first part of season one, thirteen half-hour episodes, is set to release on Amazon Prime October 6.

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