Fewer Titles in August 2019 See A Slight Drop In Comic And Graphic Novel Sales

Comichron has released its compiled sales information for comic sales in August 2019 and sales are down, compared to the previous month. Retailers ordered just about $45 million in comic books and graphic novels, a drop of 6%.

Month over month sales saw drops in both dollars and units with comics and graphic novels dropping nearly 6% in dollar and over 9% in units.

Marvel dominates publisher sales with almost double DC, the nearest competitor. The top ten stayed the same except for Valiant entering the list knocking out Archie.

Marvel took seven of the top ten slots for comics units, which is unsurprising as Powers of X and House of X is going gangbusters. DC took the other three spots.

For comic sales by dollars, Marvel again took seven of the top ten spots with their $9.99 title in the first spot and the $7.99 title in the second spot. DC took the other three spots. Additionally, Batman/Superman’s reported sales were reduced due to returnability.

Image’s The Walking Dead Vol. 32, the final volume, took the top spot for graphic novels by units. Marvel took four spots, DC had three, with Tokypop and Action Lab each taking one.

For graphic novels by dollar amount, Image took two spots including the top spot. DC took four, Marvel took three (with only one title costing $100), and Dynamite taking one spot.

Marvel had the top spot for total comics and graphic novels shipped. The overall number of titles from all publishers dropped from last month’s 839 to 783.

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