DC Black Label Adds Daniel Warren Johnson’s Wonder Woman: Dead Earth

DC’s premiere imprint, read: more Bat-dick, Black Label has announced its newest series Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. From Murder Falcon writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson, the series will see the titular character in a grim and gritty post-apocalyptic world. Mike Spencer will color the project.

Talking to i09, Johnson said:

I like the audacity of an immortal hero saying to a human, “I do this because I love you.” That line is in the first issue, actually. I was thinking, what better way to explore how much a character loves a maybe undeserving humanity than to really test the limits of where that love goes, when confronted with the harsh reality of what humanity is capable of? Within this world, humans are doing their best to survive, and when humans are trying to survive, a lot of times the worst parts of ourselves come out. So that’s on full display here in Wonder Woman: Dead Earth.

Because her changed powers are limiting her ability, it allows for more of a down and dirty feel. In the first issue, she has a bar fight—she kicks a table into a bunch of warlords. I’m really excited about that concept of this very elegant figure getting down in the dirt. Getting to draw that is really fun, and it’s a way to reexamine the character.

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #1 is set to release in December.

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