DC Announces Another Goddamn Frank Miller Batman Project In Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child

Frank Miller is returning to his own Batman universe this December with Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child. The prestige 48 page one-shot sees Miller writing with art by Rafael Grampá and color art by Jordie Bellaire.

The story will see Carrie Kelley as Batwoman teaming with Lara Kent, the daughter of Superman and Lois Lane, dealing with a worldwide threat. Their secret weapon, new to the Miller-verse, is Jonathan Kent. Jonathan is the titular golden child and “possesses power unlike anything the world has ever seen.”

“The Dark Knight Returns story began with its heroes getting older,” Miller said of his the latest chapter in his Dark Knight Universe. “Now we’re seeing the next generation of heroes in action, and Rafael was the obvious choice for me to usher in these heroes that are vigorous, untested and loaded with promise. I think that Jonathan Kent in particular will surprise everybody with his unforeseen abilities and impossible mind.”

The one-shot will feature variant covers by Paul Pope, Joëlle Jones, Andy Kubert, and Miller. It is set to release December 11 for $5.99 under DC’s Black Label.

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