Nintendo Introduces ‘Ring Fit Adventure’, It’s Like Wii Fit With Battles

Last week game company Nintendo put out a mysterious video of people doing all kinds of exercise-like activity with a ring accessory and their Nintendo Switch game controllers, the Joy-Cons. The video did not provide a context but did say that it was a “new experience” for the console and to check back on September 12.

Well, September 12 has arrive and Nintendo has revealed what that video was all about. As many have speculated, it is something similar to their 2008 (2007 in Japan) hit Wii Fit, which used a balance board along with their Wii controllers and TV screen to guide players through various exercises. This time however, the exercise component uses the previously mentioned ring accessory (Ring-Con) and a leg strap fitted with Joy-Cons to go exercise-related adventure.

Ring Fit Adventure box, Ring-Con, Leg Strap, and Game

The ring senses some of the gestures that you provide during play. The game will have you jog in place to move forward (the Joy-Con and leg strap help with that), squeeze the ring to make a blast of air to hit targets or propel yourself into the air. You battle enemies by twisting, squatting, stretching, and squeezing the ring and using the right color-coded exercises against enemies.

Ring Fit Adventure screen and technique example
Ring Fit Adventure screen and technique example

If you are not interested in the adventure part, you can just do some guided exercises or do minigames in Quick Play mode. Of course there is a mode that tracks your exercise with stats on estimated calories burned and heart rate.

Ring Fit Adventure will be available on October 18. No price has been revealed yet. EDIT: According to a Business Wire press release, Ring Fit Adventure has an MSRP of $79.99.

Here’s the full introductory video:

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