Here’s 7 People That Aren’t Leviathan In DC’s Event Leviathan

Brian Michael Bendis is currently in the middle of Event Leviathan with artist Alex Maleev at DC Comics. The event centers around a new mysterious villain named Leviathan whose identity is currently unknown. He gave an interview with The Beat this week, where he touched on people that aren’t Leviathan, including Lois Lane. Extrapolating from that interview, we can reveal seven people that Leviathan isn’t.

  • Lois Lane-Bendis mentions in the interview that Leviathan isn’t Lois Lane and unless Uncle Fester is a liar, we believe him.
  • Tawky Tawny-Tawky Tawny’s powers include speech and impeccable fashion sense. The latter of which Leviathan is clearly not utilizing.
  • Mr. Freeze-Leviathan doesn’t have a goofy cryo-chamber around him head. Unless there’s one underneath the helmet.
  • Daniel Johnston-The legendary lo-fi musician died on Wednesday at the age of 58 after a heart attack.
  • Wolverine-He’s too busy working at Build-A-Bear to appear in this book. He’s also not part of the Distinguished Competition.
  • Booster Gold-If Booster was to do something, he would do it under his own alias to get recognition.
  • Pandora-She was part of Trinity of Sin and Trinity War and she’s best left there.

Do you have any ideas of who Leviathan isn’t? Let us know.


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