And the New Codename for Tim Drake is… *Young Justice #8 Spoilers*

In today’s issue of Young Justice #8, the team confronts an alternate universe evil version of themselves that for once are not the Titans of Tomorrow. The current arc of the comic has been former Robin Tim Drake reclaiming the identity and friends that were taken from him all in thanks to the New 52.

The best way to summarize it is, Tim was Robin at the start, but then DC decided a few months into the new status quo. Eh– Tim shouldn’t be a Robin so he was always Red Robin (the identity he took on after he was forced out of the Robin role). It’s very– VERY convoluted. Per for the course for DC during the New 52.

So for today’s issue *ahem* Cue the warning…

As Tim confronts his evil mirror he learns of their codename.

Yes, Drake the most dangerous of birds– the male duck. Wait what?!

Well, now that explains the nasty brown costume color scheme Tim will get in a few issues.

Yes, Drake will be the terror that flaps n the night. Drake will be the itch you cannot scratch. Drake is– okay this sounds kind of bad. At least Impulse thinks it’s 90s’ cool. Is that a good thing?

Yes, the Batwoman who got punched by Impulse is an alternate universe Stephanie Brown. Who apparently can be a Bat in this universe? I guess the wicked vile “iconic” hand of Dan DiDio can only extend to regular DCU now.

At least writer Brian Michael Bendis is trying. Which is kind of surprising, given how many DC Comics he’s currently juggling. I’ve kind lost count. Anyway, Young Justice #8 is currently on shelves.

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