Marvel Wants Your Children To Play With Stuffed Toy Of Mass Murderer Wolverine

Wolverine is best known for being the best at what he does, which is ripping things apart with his adamantium claws. He’s 5’1″ and tons of fun 5’3″ and hangs with Jubilee. His pre-X-Men: Apocalypse kill count was 91. Meanwhile, Wolverine’s kill count in 2017’s Logan is 83. Wolverine kills.

Build-A-Bear has teamed with Marvel for the online-exclusive Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Wolverine stuffed animal. No one thought to tell either company that a wolverine isn’t a bear because they didn’t want to get fired.

“Known as one of the gruffest, most irascible, totally cynical and brooding heroes of the X-Men, Wolverine takes the stage as an online exclusive collector’s item,” reads Build-A-Bear Workshop’s description. “Complete with his classic costume and soft claws, he is ready to take on any opponent. Start a legendary new friendship with this ferocious, yet good-hearted furry friend and add this unstoppable mutant to your collection.”

A Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Wolverine will run you $35.

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