DC Announces New Suicide Squad Day Before Exclusive Reveal

Sometimes comic book news sites write puff pieces (“If you could have The Hulk bang anyone who would it be?”) or nonsensical listicles (i.e. The Top 10 Beings The Hulk Hasn’t Banged) in exchange for exclusive announcements. It looks like The Hollywood Reporter was set to be the home of the exclusive reveal for the new Suicide Squad creative team of writer Tom Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo. But DC Comics had other plans, making the announcement themselves the day before.

DC’s article titled “A NEW SUICIDE SQUAD SERIES THIS DECEMBER FROM TAYLOR AND REDONDO” reveals, you guessed it, the new Suicide Squad from Taylor and Redondo, complete with quotes from Taylor’s exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“Truly, no one is safe, there’s a new regime, and this regime sees this team as assets and nothing more. They don’t care if they lose them in the field, they can always get more, and they DO get more.”

Thanks for the “exclusive”, DC. Early bird gets the worm and all.

The 40-page, $4.99 debut issue of Suicide Squad is scheduled to release December 18, 2019, written by Tom Taylor with art by Bruno Redondo, cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, and variant cover by Francesco Mattina.

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