Rio de Janeiro’s Mayor Marcello Crivella Orders Roundup Of Young Avengers Book Over Gay Kiss

On Wednesday, Rio de Janeiro’s Mayor Marcello Crivella ordered police to confiscate every copy of Avengers: The Children’s Crusade due to the inclusion of a kiss between Wiccan and Hulkling. In a video, Crivella claims that the book contained sexual material targeting minors and his goal is to protect children.

The sweep took place at the Riocentro Bienal do Livro, Brazil’s most important literary event. The organizers of Bienal refused to comply with the mayor’s orders on the grounds of it going against their values and that the book sold out two days before the orders.

Rio de Janeiro’s councilman Alexandre Isquierdo blasted Marvel’s “coward attempt to propagate homosexuality amongst our children,” while also claiming that this outrage was not homophobic.

The Bienal do Livro organizers expressed their support of the LGBTQA+ community, and their commitment to defending their right to have a voice, “as it should be in any democracy.” 

The government is claiming that the book broke articles 78 and 79 of the Children and Teenagers Statutes.

According to Article 78, any publication with content unsuitable for children or teenagers should be sold sealed and marked with a warning, and covers with pornographic or obscene images should be hidden with opaque paper. Article 79 specifies that any publication targeting minors should not contain illustrations, photos, graphics, articles or advertisements of alcoholic drinks, tobacco, weapons, and munitions, and they should respect the ethical and social values of the individual and the family.

What we think is more likely is that Crivella wants to keep all the copies for himself.

Published by Marvel Comics, Avengers: The Children’s Crusade was written by Allan Heinberg and illustrated by Jim Cheung.

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