Kristen Stewart Told She Could Possibly Be In A Marvel Movie If She Hides Sexuality

In a feature in Harper’s Bazaar, actress Kristen Stewart talked about her upcoming role in Charlie’s Angels, her turn to indie films following the Twilight franchise, and that she was told to hide her sexuality in order to possibly get a role in a Marvel movie.

“I have fully been told, ‘If you just like do yourself a favour, and don’t go out holding your girlfriend’s hand in public, you might get a Marvel movie.'” She looks almost amused at the memory. “I don’t want to work with people like that.”

Stewart doesn’t identify as bisexual or lesbian and doesn’t like labels.

“I just think we’re all kind of getting to a place where – I don’t know, evolution’s a weird thing – we’re all becoming incredibly ambiguous.”

Stewart’s recent film work includes Seberg, Charlie’s Angels, and Underwater.

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