ComicsAlliance Founder Laura Hudson Accuses Brian Wood Of Predatory Behavior

Laura Hudson is a writer and editor who’s had pieces at Wired, 538, NYT, and The Verge and is the founder of ComicsAlliance. She took to Twitter this week to accuse writer Brian Wood of predatory behavior.

In a series of tweets, reposted below, Hudson recalls when Wood forcibly kissed her. After that incident, he continued to communicate with her, insisting his wife didn’t understand him like she did and making lewd suggestions.

Hudson also recalls the power imbalance between the two as she used to look up to Wood due to penchant of writing strong female characters.

Hudson isn’t the only person to accuse Wood of predatory behavior. In 2013, artist Tess Fowler publicly accused Wood of faking interest in her work in an attempt to sleep with her. After Fowler came forward, Hudson wrote a piece at ComicsAlliance about her. In her recent tweets, Hudson apologized to her for not stepping up at the time.

Wood currently writes titles such as Aliens at Dark Horse and Robotech at Titan.

Hudson’s tweets are below.

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