Telltale Games Resurrected, Batman And Wolf Among Us Returning

September 2018 saw the closing of Telltale Games, the studio behind the popular games Batman: The Enemy Within, The Walking Dead, and Game Of Thrones. This week it was announced that the company was being resurrected by Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle of LCG Entertainment, which purchased its assets.

The new company will sell some of Telltale’s back catalog and will work on new games. It also has back-catalog rights to licensed properties including The Wolf Among Us and Batman. The company doesn’t have the rights for The Walking Dead though as Robert Kirkman’s Skybound purchased the license. The in-development game based on Stranger Things won’t be happening, as the rights reverted back to Netflix.

Regarding the “new” company, Ottilie said:

“This is a viable business that went away due to market conditions and some scale choices [Telltale‚Äôs previous management] made. I like games that tell stories and I think our industry should have a company that specializes in narrative-driven games.”

LCG Entertainment is hoping to offer freelancing positions to former employees affected by the company shutting down with the hopes to turn them into full-time positions.

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