SyFy Blows Up Krypton, Lobo Stalls Out

SyFy has decided not to renew Krypton following the end of the show’s second season on August 14. The show’s developer Warner Horizon Scripted Television is having conversations about possibly moving the show to another network. The first season of Krypton is on DC Universe, with the second set to join in 2020.

With the cancellation of Krypton, the spinoff show Lobo has also been axed. Emmett J. Scanlan, who played the titular character in Krypton, was set to reprise his role.

One thought on “SyFy Blows Up Krypton, Lobo Stalls Out

  1. Never really gave Krypton a chance, not a fan of prequels especially after Man of Steel. But seeing the commercial where Lobo pops up really intrigued me, might have watched that.

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