DC Adds Another Villain Event to Their OTHER Ongoing Villain Event!

Continuing to spit in the face of Geoff Johns and fans, DC Comics is launching another event focusing on bad guys (which is currently being called “Year of the Villain”). The twist is, these villains are heroes corrupted by the Batman Who Events Laughs (as revealed in the Batman/Superman ongoing that just began). Because that’s what fans really want to see of their heroes who are light-hearted– to be dragged into the darkness and have even more edge.

Six one-shots will be released between November and December focusing on a hero who’s been corrupted. Along with that each story will focus on the hero fighting the evil within him, with family and friends about to pay the price and I quote “…. and then some.” Oh joy, that sounds like more needless graphic death of characters to make the hero better. Wait– has Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom broken the fourth wall in the DC offices?

It’ll start with The Infected: King Shazam! #1 written by Sina Grace  and Joe Bennett with it’s added bonus probably being the reason Shazam! ongoing has been delayed several months now (not to mention scare off any new readers that the recent film had garnered).

Then on November 28th, The Infected: Scarab #1 will release showing Jaimie Reyes (I thought Dan DiDio loved this character?!) written by Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum and art by Freddie E. Williams II.

While these two one-shots are going on, Supergirl #36 and Hawkman #18 will each have their respective hero deal with the infection by the Batman Who Events Laughs.

The final two victims, who’s names haven’t been revealed yet (it’s James Gordon and Donna Troy) will have their one-shots in December.

Until then, get your edge on with Batman/Superman which will reveal all six in #4 (which also will come out November 27th).

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