5 Ways To Support Whiny Pissbaby Comic Professionals

Are comic creators gaslighting you for not wanting to support their sub par comic for $5? Are they making you feel bad because the business they work for doesn’t give a shit about completed, collected stories? Are jilted comic creators putting the pressure on you as to why it’s 10 times easier to read their books on a pirate site than to navigate through bloated and inflated industry means? Are you responsible for a comic being cancelled because you didn’t support it the right way?
Well, need not fear, because I am here to help you help whiny pissbaby comic creators too chicken shit to stand up to anyone that isn’t a fan.

5. Create a pull list at a comic shop you could not give a shit about


But don’t worry, you don’t actually have to pick them up. But those numbers are good numbers for comic creators to not get cancelled by a publisher that has zero faith in them.

4. Spend $5 on singles AND the trades


Since your’e not a 38 year old with streak marks, you probably read stories like every other person has for the past few decades outside of comics, you can spend double so comic professionals stop crying. Don’t worry, you don’t have to read the floppies, you can just sell them in the second hand market.

3. Not buying from the secondhand market


Don’t even think about it. Did you find the first 3 issues (and 16 variants of said first 3 issues) at a Half Price Book store? Throw them away! They wont benefit the comic professionals and they blame YOU! Their publishers are awesome and cool for all these half assed opportunities to bring in beer money to the table their partner bought from a more self-respected occupation.

2. Buy every variant of every issue of the comic


Who doesn’t want stylistically non-diegetic art by artists who can’t get their foot in the door for interiors or old guards that need money to pay uninsured medical bills. Now that and those sweet ads about a short-lived TNT drama are something you don’t get with stupid, sensible trades you may find at library or going on a pirate site.

1. Do not pirate books!

Why would you do this? Why not physically drive to a comic shop or wait later for a digital release on an cumbersome app? Who cares if it’s absurdly easy to find and read a comic with about 3 clicks on a browser for free? What, you want the comics industry to skirt pirating like film and television did 10 years ago? But that would put pressure on comic creators to put pressure on the publishers to improve the intended experience. And that’s scary!

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