Rob Liefeld Thinks His Brigade Kickstarter, Which Ended in 2013, Should Ship This Year

In 2013, Rob “The Rob” Liefeld launched a Kickstarter for a new Brigade comic. If you’re not familiar with Brigade, it’s not important. Liefeld raised $35,343 from 562 backers. The estimated delivery date for the comic was October 2013. 

Writing on his website, Liefeld says that Kickstarter backers will get their comics before New York Comic Con in October. Why is NYCC relevant? Well that’s where Liefeld is hosting a “premiere event” there to celebrate the release of the comic.

The premiere event arrives exclusively available at NYCC, debuting Oct. 3, 2019! The long-awaited, much-anticipated BRIGADE. Packed with so many secrets it remains under lock & key, away from prying eyes. Produced by the team that gave you MAJOR X & DEADPOOL, Written and drawn by Rob Liefeld, colors by Rom Fajardo, your only opportunity to experience this exclusive event comic is through this NYCC exclusive signed by prolific creator Rob Liefeld!

Liefeld previously raised $35,343 on Kickstarter in 2013, and an additional $5,320 on Indiegogo in 2018 because why the fuck not. He reopened his Kickstarter in May to give fans the chance to give him more money.

Good luck, backers.

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