Loeb Says Marvel Television Will Have Content On Disney+, Brands Terror Shows

With Legion and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ending, Deadline interviewed Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb about what we can expect from Marvel Television in the future. Much of the interview was spent talking about things we already know about (animated fare on Hulu, Runaways/Cloak and Dagger crossover, etc), a lot of the interview was of the “too soon to tell” variety of answer (eg. asked about Fox properties and the rumored female-led show).

Loeb did reveal that Marvel Television (as opposed to Marvel Studios or the Netflix division) will be producing content for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service:

“… Marvel Television will be doing shows with Disney+, we just haven’t announced what we’re going to do there.”

Of course when asked when we’ll hear more about that, Loeb says:

“When we’re ready.”


Loeb also gave a sort of brand to the Ghost Rider and Helstrom series that will be coming to Hulu, making sure to say these will be “terror” shows, not “horror”.

“We suddenly saw that there were three or four shows that we could put together that we now refer to as Adventure into Fear.”

This is, of course, a call-back to the Adventure Into Fear comics (formerly known as Fear until issue #10 in 1972) which featured characters like Man-Thing and Morbius. In addition to Ghost Rider and Helstrom, Loeb says that there a couple more series that have yet to be revealed. Of course he did not say when those would be revealed.


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