Brian Hurtt, Marie Enger, And Matt Kindt Launch HEK Treasury Kickstarter

Comic creators Brian Hurtt, Marie Enger, and Matt Kindt have launched a Kickstarter for a 100+ page comics anthology titled The HEK Anthology. The hardcover will be curated by the three and is billed as Twilight Zone meets McSweeney’s. It will deploy “full color art, a tri-fold narrative poster and loose-leaf story cards,” according to the press release, much like the literary magazine, McSweeney’s.

Kindt’s contribution will be The Great Mech Wars, which consists of three inter-connected 10-page chapters about an aging and sad war mech.

Hurtt is also creating three interconnected stories, which are dystopian, with weaponized flaura and fauna, mutants, and suspended animation.

Enger’s dystopian stories will involve death cults, telepathy, and ruined worlds.

Check out more about the Kickstarter here.

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