Resonant: An Interview With David Andry

David Andry is a writer who has contributed to the FTL, Y’all! anthology, self-published Last Supper, and is part of the Ghost Thunder Collective. His latest project is Resonant published by Vault Comics.

Tim Midura: Can you give a brief overview of Resonant?

David Andry: At the most basic level, Resonant is the story of a family struggling to reunite. The father, Paxton, has to venture out into a post-apocalyptic world to find medicine for his chronically ill son, leaving his three kids at the haven they’ve created for themselves. The world has been ravaged by random waves of energy that cause people to follow their darkest impulses, predicted only by the chirping of cicadas. We follow Paxton as he fights to get back to his kids and the children as they try to survive without their father. 

Tim Midura: Resonant is described as “what happens when The Odyssey meets Y: the Last Man” complete with a Y: the Last Man homage cover. Both stories see the main characters going through trials and tribulations. Is that what you wanted to get across with Resonant?

David Andry: Absolutely. One of the foundations of Resonant was my retelling of The Odyssey. I wanted to really put Paxton through his paces. Throw as many obstacles as I could in his way and see what he would go through to get back to his kids. But the interesting thing was, while writing the story, I fell in love with Bec, his oldest daughter. Then the story took on this other layer, about the kids trying to survive without him in this world. 

Tim Midura: In a not-so-distant future, humankind has been decimated in Resonant. Do you see that being realistic?

David Andry: Have you watched the news?! Humanity, as we know it today, has really only been a blip on the radar when it comes to the timeline of life on this planet. Dinosaurs thought they were the boss too. 

Tim Midura: Part of your inspiration for Resonant comes from “the call of the void” which I think is a common phenomenon. Can you talk more about that?  

David Andry: I guess it is pretty common, but when I first experienced it, in the days before Google, I thought there was something wrong with me. I remember clearly standing at a third floor walkway at my college, leaning over the railing, looking down and suddenly feeling like I was going to jump. Not that I wanted to jump, or I wanted to kill myself, just this feeling that if I didn’t step back, I might do it. It was disturbing. Years later, when I found out it had a name, “High Place Phenomenon”, and was fairly common, I knew that I had to use it as a story engine. 

Tim Midura: Despite being heavy with themes of isolation and fear, Resonant seems to be mostly about family. How do you balance those aspects?

David Andry: I think those things go hand in hand. How do you have something you love completely without the fear of losing that thing? The more important something is to you, the more painful it is when it’s ripped away. I wanted Paxton to be motivated to do anything, no matter how difficult, to keep going. To never quit. Even in his worst times, when he feels the most hopeless, alone, and afraid, he has to keep trying. 

Tim Midura: How did you team up with Ale Aragon?

David Andry: Isn’t he the best?! He’s so perfect for Resonant! Actually, I’ve been a fan of Ale’s for a while now, he was one of the artists that I used for my visual reference when crafting the world of Resonant in my head. I wanted the world to look rough, no clean lines. After I pitched it to Vault, they gave me a list of artists that they thought would work on the book and asked me for a similar list and Ale was at the top of both of our lists. It was a no-brainer! I couldn’t imagine Resonant without Ale, he has brought so much to the look and feel of the book, it’s a testament to his talent. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Jason Wordie and Deron Bennett. The colors and lettering on this book are, objectively, some of the best on shelves today. My portion of the contribution aside, the colors and letters alone are worth the purchase price. 

Tim Midura: If your worst impulse was released, what would it be?

David Andry: I’d definitely be a drive off a bridge or jump off a building sort of guy. Or, I have this impulse frequently, to knock cell phones out of people’s hands when they are walking down the street texting. Just really giving them a good whack and laughing. Yeah, there’s definitely something wrong with me… 

Resonant #2 is set to release August 28.

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